Corazón del Mar - Melanocetus

Immerse yourself in the history of the Melanocetus collections!

Like all began...
Our goal was es, vt the beginning to lay the foundation stone for an own manufactory and therefore to produce as many works as possible in of our own watch workshop. Thus, the complete design including the dial is from us and was also graphically implemented by us personally. For the cases we were looking for a Partner with years of experience in the production of luxury watch cases. The result knows how to impress. It was also clear that the heart of a luxury watch should tick inside the watch and, due to the numerous Reservations were we can, high-quality Swiss Automatic movements from Sellita to be able to shutter. Sellita Works are to be found z. B. in Oris watches or also at Mühle-Glashütte and many renowned Brands more. We have come up with a special feature for the rotor and decorate it with Sapphire, also known as the heart of the ocean or in Spanish: Corazón Del Mar and place the cabochon bead. We fill the hands by hand with Super-LumiNova! Flooding the housing we in cryostatic Vacuum process with Noble gas (amongst others argon). And much more... 
Numerous hurdles had to be overcome, many hundreds of hours of time. At the beginning of April 2017 it was then thus farthat we're going to release the final version of the Melanocetus could present.
Over the time we developed unbelievably many variations of our Melanocetus, so that we different complete independent Watches within the Melanocetus series. True to the motto: Start being yourselfunderline our Melanocetus watches with their independent design always reflect the wearer's own character and become something very special on every wrist. Special!
Let's dive a little deeper to the next big innovation of the Melanocetus Collection ...
After all, it was at the Time to do something To create something new. Something that is unmistakably Melanocetus and yet it's still a new Highlight in our collection, a new Flagship:
The Melanocetus Chronograph
With the names of our Chronographs this time we have chosen different gemstones that reflect the individual character of each watch. You are curious? The individual descriptions of the watches tell you more about the respective stones.

And we're going to dive a little deeper...

With the Melanocetus GMT, we continue the successful Melanocetus seriesnow with the added complication of a second Time zone gone. The design was discreetly added, so that the unmistakable appearance of the Melanocetus and you still clearly get a typical clock with GMT function. 
As far as names go, we've come up with something Special thought about. Based on the function of the GMT is directed at our Melanocetus GMT to the travelers among you. Therefore, the names of our GMT variants remind us of extraordinary beaches, which are the same Colours shine like the respective watches!

And deeper...

This was followed by the evolution of the Corazón Del Mar MelanocetusThe Melanocetus II.
A more noble Variant with high glossbezel as companion for the late hours had to come in. Even though our chronograph already a faithful companion for the evening, we wanted to create a classic three-hand version in high gloss style. Here our heart became weak and we could not stifle, a to create a little puff piece: 
"The reflections and light refractions on the glossy ceramic bezel play their own optical Symphony, while the second hand slides over the deep black dial and feel like on the surface of a smooth, calm lake at Night reflects. And so every little Toothed wheel, itself his task completely consciously, to Play with time and let everyone Viewers themselves in its beauty ...lose."
Beautifully not is it? See for yourself:
We always dive deeper and deeper, past the countless Melanocetus collections and the colourful sea creatures.
A small light leads us into the darkest depths of the sea. Is it the legendary Melanocetus?

You've reached the bottom of the sea. Do you want to search for hidden treasure? Rumour has it that there is still a hidden treasure in the depths of the sea... Maybe you will find a Melanocetus ?