From the very beginning, we at Corazón del Mar have strived to uphold the idea of manufacture, with the aim of eventually producing everything from a single source. The love of craftsmanship and the courage to create new Designs was has always been the driving force behind our brand. We take you on a tour of our factory and show you how an idea becomes a finished watch.


How an idea becomes reality

Independent designs form the core of our Watches. Our top priority is to design watches with character, because arbitrariness is the death of any creativity. The development of a new watch is a complex process and places high demands on the design. Every line, every dot and every digit has a fixed meaning. Seat. Here there is a constant exchange between designer and watchmaker. Like a cogwheel, everything meshes together until a new watch finally sees the light of day.
From the idea to the finished design is an exciting, but also costly way.



Our Watches will be produced in an elaborate Method for bulk in Germany in made in our own workshop. We show you Step step by step, which stages our watches go through to later find a place on your wrist.

Step 1: Our housing

In order to be able to manufacture even more in our manufactory in the future, we have been working on our own cases for some time. For this purpose first 3-D models on the computer before the first Prototypes by means of a 3D printer could be printed. According to and little by little, with the help of the prototype, our 3-D model until it reaches the final precision that is necessary for a housing. For this, exact calculations are fundamental for an optimal fit. Numerous adjustments are necessary until a finished end product meets the necessary high standards. We are currently in the final stages of model creation, so that the first steel cases can soon be manufactured in our factory.

Step 2: Refinement of high-precision Swiss automatic movements

We only use Swiss automatic movements from Sellita or ETA in our watches. This ensures high precision and quality. However, our goal is also here in the future a Corazón del Mar manufacture movement in our Watches to be able to use it. 
In almost all of our watches we put from Hand a cabochon bead as a moisture indicator. In order to achieve the required height of exactly 1.90 mm, this, likewise Of hand in hand ground in our workshop. After grinding the Pearl to the middle of the Works set. The Special about this pearl is its Property, Moisture changes in the Work before they can be dangerous for the plant. This makes an undetected damaged seal almost impossible. 
However, the cabochon beads are not only used as a moisture indicator used, but also absorb a certain amount of moisture. This property we have harness made and a ring consisting of many small beads in the watches inserted. These offer again a additional Moisture protection.
Giving our watch its name is a blue sapphire, which is framed in the Rotor is a highlight of our watches. This is also placed by hand in a hand-milled setting on the rotor. 
By a blue 24-carat gold coating, the rotors of our Melanocetus II movements have become something very special. This creates unique ocean-colored patterns on the rotors, making each watch unique. We also carry this out in our own workshop.

Step 3: Our dials

We print all our dials ourselves in our workshop. We do this using a screen printing process. With this method, precise work is essential for cleanly printed results. In addition, the slightest shifts in the design templates would show up clearly here, once again highlighting the relevance of the intensive collaboration between design and craftsmanship. 
Some Dials are already refined by us with special lacquers, whereby beautiful, star-like reflections are achieved in sunlight or other point light sources. Our meridian Chronograph will be the first watch to use these dials.

Step 4: Filling the hands and indices with SuperLumi-Nova

We achieve the strong luminosity with a twofold Layer SuperLumi-Nova. Through this layer system the intensity nearly doubleswhereby readability is almost always ensured even in poor lighting conditions. 
The majority our Models is used with blue or green SuperLumi-Nova, filled due to the strongest luminosity. Some models, such as the Melanocetus Malawi Limited, however, we additionally infest with red SuperLumi-Nova.

Step 5: Our special drying process

Our Drying process is an essential step in the production of our Watches and forms a special feature which is only used in a few watches. Due to the highly sensitive moisture pearl, our watches must be exceptionally dry, as our pearl would still turn pink in most standard drying processes. Thus, our watches are flooded with the inert gas argon to minimize the residual moisture, which would no longer be visible to the naked eye.
This procedure is used in only a very few watches and thus forms an additional security for our watches, which is very rare in this form.

Step 6: Our ribbons

We have our tapes manufactured especially for us. We work with experienced suppliers for this purpose, as belt production is a very complex process. To match some of our models, we also have steel straps made with high-gradeblack PVD coating. Our focus is currently on a new belt model, which will be even higher quality than the previous model. These are expected to be completed in early 2021 and established as the new standard model. 
In addition to our steel straps, we also have leather and Rubber straps handcrafted by long-standing partners in Andalusia manufacture. Andalusia is known for specializing in the production of exclusive leather goods.

Quality assurance and innovation

One of our guiding principles is to constantly strive for the highest possible quality. Thus, we carry out most of the Work by hand, in order to achieve the greatest possible Control our Work steps to make it possible. Through the ongoing incorporation of the Workn our own manufacture, we are constantly expanding control until we can produce almost every component ourselves. In addition, we are always questioning every step we take to create room for new innovative approaches and discover extraordinary possibilities in watchmaking.