Melanocetus Chronograph Obsidian Black


Bezel filled with Superluminova.

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It's time to create something new. Something that is unmistakably a Melanocetus and yet a new highlight in our collection, a new flagship:

Black as night, the Melanocetus Obsidian Black chronograph lives up to its name. With its shiny black surface, it is reminiscent of the precious stone that emerges from cooled lava and gives its wearer an aura of deep, calming strength.

The Corazón del Mar MELANOCETUS Chronograph

  • 44.9mm diameter
  • Sellita SW-510 chronographs-factory in top version
  • Ceramic pushers!
  • Stainless steel
  • Double anti-glare sapphire crystal
  • 200m waterproof
  • Ceramic Bezel
  • blued screws
  • Sapphire crystal floor anti-reflective
  • Stainless steel
  • hands, bezel and indices filled with Super-Luminova

Exceptional Additional Features:

  • Ceramic inlay! The inlays give the watch an unrivalled look.
  • Decorated rotor with set sapphire (The heart of the ocean or Corazón del Mar).
  • Cabochon bead as a moisture indicator: We will use a cabochon bead on the rotor which, should moisture penetrate the case, will absorb part of it for protection and at the same time indicate this by changing colour from blue to red!
  • Housing with argon flooded: to keep almost any moisture from the housing, we will flood it with the gas "argon".
  • Base fixed with 7 screws: Unlike most screwed floors, our floor is not screwed on top, which is not good for the seal because of the cross friction, but fixed with 7 screws. When you dive with the watch, the pressure naturally pushes the back even tighter onto the seal, thus increasing the safety of the watch and preventing water from entering the case.
  • Made in Germany: We have a very high vertical range of manufacture. Nearly all work is carried out in our manufactory, in Germany. Among other things, we finish the cases, shell the movements, manually fill the hands with Super-LumiNova, print the dials, make the cabochon bead, set the gemstones, decorate the rotor, dry the cases in vacuum and fill them with argon and much more. Here a video from our manufactory:

Exact dimensions of the watch:

  • diameter: 44,9mm
  • Horn to horn: 52mm
  • height: 17mm
  • Weight without strap: 90g
  • Weight with steel strap: 165g
  • Tape lug: 22mm

Zusätzliche Informationen

Weight 1 kg
Size 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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