CdM Meridian Chronograph Reflexión Night Blue

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It is our largest and most complex watch project to date: The Meridian Chronograph
A Clock...who's got her own, by the best-selling author. Phillip P. Peterson has a post-apocalyptic short story! Have you ever heard of such a clock? Hearing is directly the next suitable Cue! The story is called Videobook performed by none other than the master of the sonorous Voices and well-known from the media Heiko Horror. His voice is also visually accompanied by impressive Illustrations by Hendrik Noack.
Now one could think that our watch could easily become a supporting actor here, but with its expressive presence and the extraordinary Design, emerges a unique complete work. Especially when means all Facets the meridian discovers be up for grabsa light beam falls on the leaf of the Reflective dial and reveals a breathtaking magnificence like the sparkle Thousands Diamonds. This is made possible by a special, multi-coat painting process in which the effect paint alone costs €1000 per unit! The so The resulting dial compositions are always slightly different in nuances and therefore each one is unique.
If the gaze wanders over the fascinating dial, one discovers, in addition to the tachymeter scale, also a pulsometer at the small second. If you count 30 beats from the start marker, you can read your pulse rate at any time.
At the Bezel is a compass bezel that can be turned in both directions. As a small detail, our bezel is not labeled E for East as usual, but uses O for East. A German compass bezel is extremely rare. We do not know any other watch model at the moment.
Our leather straps, handmade in Andalusia and padded, have a rubber layer on the inside, which makes the strap washable on the inside, especially in summer.

Data in the overview:

  • Stainless steel case with 44.9 mm diameter and transparent, anti-reflective sapphire crystal on both sides
  • Reflective dial: multilayer Painting process with high-quality effect lacquer
  • 200m waterproof
  • Ceramic bezel with German compass, rotating in both directions
  • Sellita SW-510 chronographs-factory in top version
  • Pulsometer and tachymeter scale
  • Blued Screws
  • Sapphire crystal Floor
  • Leather strap (optional additional steel strap as in the picture)
  • Pointers and indexes from Superluminova

Exceptional Additional Features:

  • Ceramic inlay! The inlays give the watch an unrivalled look.
  • Decorated rotor with sapphire (the heart of the ocean or even Corazón del Mar)
  • Cabuchon-Pearl as a moisture indicator: We will insert a Cabuchon bead on the rotor which, if moisture penetrates into the housing, absorbs part of it for protection and displays this at the same time, in which it changes the color from blue to red!
  • Housing with argon flooded: to keep almost any moisture from the housing, we will flood it with the gas "argon".
  • With 7 screws fixed ground: Unlike most screwed floors, our ground is not turned on, which is not good for the gasket due to the cross friction, but is fixed with 7 screws. When the watch is dipped, the pressure is more and more naturally pressed on the gasket and thus increases the safety that no water can enter the housing.
  • Made in Germany: We have a very high vertical range of manufacture. We shell the movements ourselves and each movement is checked for accuracy. We decorate the rotor independently with sapphire and place the Cabuchon pearl. We flood the case with the noble gas argon and fix the watchband. We print the dials ourselves.

Exact dimensions of the watch:

  • diameter: 44,9mm
  • Horn to horn: 52mm
  • height: 17mm
  • Weight without strap: 90g
  • Weight with steel strap: 165g
  • Tape lug: 22mm

The pictures of the watch shown here may differ slightly from the actual watch. Colour tones may change in nuances.

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