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Markus. 33605

I am now finally a proud owner of a Melanocetus. And I really have to say the watch is awesome, you can watch 100 videos and photos but to hold the original in your hands is something else. You can feel the love that is in the watch. And the price is perfectly ok. I own a few other watches like a Breitling Navitimer, Rolex Day Date, Hublot Big Bang steel ceramic And still a few others but I am now times honestly with a zombie apocalypse I will take the Melanocetus and the clock from my grandpa 🙂 fun on the side the watch is really the hammer I am proud to be a member of the exclusive club Corazón Del Mar now The watch is and will remain a fixed part of my collection. And as Friedrich Schiller says. Don't lose yourself in the distant future! Seize the moment! The moment is yours. Greetings Markus.

Chris Maher 

Have followed the genesis of the Melanocetus from the beginning and am one of the Erstbesteller.Es is of course a small risk, a watch that you can not hold plastic in your hand and which you only see on animated pictures to buy, but the name Marcus Finger stands For me for seriousness & quality. And I can say that waiting was worth it! I have various high-priced watches of the brands Omega, Hublot and Breitling and can say in good conscience that the Melanocetus are not in any of the quality & haptics. The gear accuracy is very good, the price in my opinion is completely reasonable. I have ordered both tapes (leather & Steel) and Superluminova on the Lynette, I can only recommend to anyone, looks just hammer in the dark! My conclusion: Clear buying recommendation!

Wolfhard Federhaff 

I was expecting the Melanocetus with impatience and was not disappointed. A well-managed design and a good wearing feel. I'm glad I got it now. 🙂

Michael Thriemer 

The Melanocetus is a very successful watch, I ordered it pretty much to the beginning. The watch has a very high wearing comfort, and a good haptic it sits perfectly on the arm. The quality is excellent, and the watch is very Ganggenau. Technically, it leaves nothing to be desired, which makes the heart of every watch lover beat faster. I can only recommend the Melanocetus!!!

Thomas Wickleder 

A watch that really leaves nothing to be desired ! Everything you expect from a mechanical luxury watch, is fulfilled with the Melanocetus, starting with a reliable automatic movement, sapphire crystal front and back to the use of Superluminova for hands and dial! Highlight's are for me the Cabuchon half pearl and the ceramic side inlays ! All this will be offered at a very good price-performance ratio and practically directly from the manufacturer (Marcus and his watchmaker!). By the way, I have already been several times addressed, where I would have the horny watch from! The astonishment is usually great when I say then, well from the watch guide!

Chris Blomeier

Hello, Mr. Finger, The Melanocetus has been given a place of honor. I like this watch very much. Congratulations again on the first and such a great watch. LG U.B. from Bünde

Benjamin Waldschmidt

I'm on the first minute and was able to see the birth of this beautiful watch on YouTube. I was one of the first orderers and was able to buy the limited blue version of the Melanocetus on a stainless steel bracelet and with Superluminova bezel. The clock is qualitatively very high quality processed and worth every euro. If you like the clock, you don't do anything wrong here. The Superluminova bezel I can highly recommend, lights up super!

Daniel Dahl 

Great watch that has fully met all expectations. Only the decision which should be made was not quite so easy. Compared to other watches in this price range, the Melanocetus is definitely worth your money, and you can be sure to wear a watch that doesn't exist at every corner and that not everyone has. In this sense continue so...

Jeff Maguire 

That watch is amazing to me! Would buy it again anytime and can only recommend it! I find the luminosity of the dial and the bezel at night particularly amazing! Simply a great watch!

Horst Mandl 

I find this watch more than successful. Most of all the love for the details such as the Cabuchon pearl or the Saphier characterize this watch. The size of the 43 mm is ideal for almost all wrists.

Schaessburger, Dietmar 

A top watch in the processing and design ! Currently it has replaced my favourite watch (Sinn Navi Timer, Finanzplatz, U 1000s). I would buy it again and again - I wear it with a leather wristband. For me a dream !

Gary Künzler 

The watch is absolutely great, super workmanship and design.

Gregory Schumann 

I have followed the clock from planning to execution and have been the proud owner of a "Limited-Red" for almost 2 months, which I also wear daily. I can only agree with the previous evaluations and am also convinced of the top quality on my wrist, at a fair price.

Dan A

This "Zeitwerk" can keep up with all big, well-known and expensive brands! I can only recommend this watch! Markus keep up the good work!

Morath, Achim 

My Limited-Red was one of the first delivered watches. I wear it every day and can only say that every time I look at it, I simply like the watch. The readability is impeccable. Both the date and the hands (white on my watch) are easy to see even in poor light conditions. And I have a watch on my arm that is of high quality and unique. What more do I want 🙂 ?

Pierre Riedelsheimer 

A really great watch! I have been enthusiastic about luxury watches for a long time and by chance I landed on Marcus Kanal a long time ago. I was enthusiastic about his first watch project from the very beginning and in the course of this I treated myself to a Melanocetus in Rosé. And yes, what can I say, he really did a great job and in my opinion he delivered a top watch at a very good price. In addition, the confidence based on his long experience and seriousness as well as his likeable person were decisive for me. The watch fits really well and comfortably on the wrist, feels very valuable. Especially the stone as well as the pearl are the absolute eyecatcher, but also the other features give the watch a very special touch. I also like the DLC coating, so the watch is not so susceptible to scratches and signs of use. The combination with the rose gold case looks really great and can be worn for many everyday occasions. Currently my favourite watch and absolutely recommendable!


A very nice automatic watch. The dial reminds me of the Omega Seamaster 300. However, I find it more successful with the Melanocetus limited edition because the Lünettenring fits harmoniously and coherently with the sheet. The numbers of the bezel in Superluminova are also very nice and round off the picture. The watch is easy to read, even at night. There is no need to say anything about the accuracy of the gear. Runs. The ceramic side inlays are a nice feature, which is your good to face. The bracelet is also suitable for narrow wrists (in my case about 16 cm). However, I had to take the maximum of Kürzbarkeit of the tape. She is very comfortable, even though she already has her weight. Nothing comes from Nix. The automatic movement is nice to look from the bottom of the case through the sapphire floor glass. The brand name-giving Sapphire sits on the rotor and takes its boring look, it's just a rotor, something the sharpness. The Pearl also falls directly into the eye. All in all I find the Melanocetus Vintage Limited edition succeeded and not overpriced as the big manufacturer names. I've always wanted to have a high-quality watch and now I can do it for a reasonable price thanks to Marcus.

Chris M

Hi, Marcus, I'm thrilled. I also followed the creation of your watch(s) on youtube and fell in love with the Moonbat Nightflight right away. Yesterday the time had finally come... And I must say, it looks just as good in real life as in your videos and pictures. On the whole the watch makes an extremely valuable impression and feels great on my arm. Those of you who have already seen the watch are positively surprised by the workmanship and the attention to detail (and at this "low" price) I wish you continued success with your project and hope for more beautiful watches. 🙂

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