Corazón del Mar - Moonbat

Learn more about the history of the Moonbat collection!

The forest is completely silent. Only the light breeze caused by a passing bat is able to disturb the silence. You turn around and follow the small fluttering creature deeper into the forest inside...
Our hike begins in autumn 2017. After the great success of the Melanocetus followed the "Moonbat", which with its minimalist design and the noctilucent ring once again has a clear unique selling point. With the bat's eyes on the twelve, our Moonbat has become a very special watch!
Our Moonbat Row is something quite Special as it will never be too much to apply due to its constant minimalism, but still has such a unique appearance that is able to captivate every viewer! It gives the watch a touch of magic and makes it aextraordinary companion by day and night.
The bat is getting faster and you have to hurryn, um not losing her....
You arrive in a small village. Everywhere you look at the houses you discover wreaths. You also think wolfsbane and garlic are spied in them. have... 
At last the time had come! In the spring of 2019 we had the decision caught, a chronograph version the Moonbat to develop. 
Also a very special limited version should see the light of day: the Moonbat Chronograph Vampires. The colour play of the Moonbat Vampire is completely unique in this respect and reminds us of long gone legends of powerful Beings which under the cover of the night with blood-stained lips and pointed canines did their mischief 😉
You have crossed the village and are back in the forest arrived at...
The history of the Moonbat continues with a further evolution. Our goal was es, uour Clock a new optical highlight for lendwithout changing their extraordinary character too much. The now high-gloss dial gives the watch a special depth, which becomes a real eye-catcher through the refractions of light on the equally shimmering bezel.
Here we could not let it be taken from us, in addition to the otherwise known vampire model now also to give the other variations magical names.  
It makes the Moonbat Dragonfly also the darkest way, the Moonbat Wizard has the constant power over time, while Moonbat Ghost lets its wearer creep through the night almost silently. 
Which one will be your next companion?
You're by a little stream arrived. You lingers a moment, and after you turn aroundt, ithe bat disappeared. 
The stream has a strange bluish light. You step forward and say something Glossy to recognize. Is that a clock?