Corazón del Mar - Meridian

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You have seen nothing but the endless sea for days. Your crew is getting restless, but you are sure that you will soon reach land. And you should, for the wind is getting stronger and stronger and the clouds are piling up in front of you. A Storm is coming...
With the meridian we have designed a timeless classic, which is dedicated to the incredible beauty of our earth. It is an exceptional timepiece that combines the already familiar, exciting dial design of the Melanocetus and combines it with classical elements. This creates a modern and but timeless watch, which can also be worn perfectly with a suit. With 41.5 mm your greatness is ideal um to stand out without to exaggerate.
The storm is getting stronger, and meter-high waves are building up in front of the ship. You look into the distance and swear to yourself to manoeuvre your crew safely through the storm. You have made a promise to them and you holds always your word. 
Our earth is a beautiful, but also dangerous place. In which always Striving for safety and comfort of our species forgotten we the natural beauty that is our blue, green and blue Planets inherent, simple ...into us. The different colour variations are dedicated to three breathtaking places on our earth, the Tierra del Fuego in Ecuador, the Amazon which is important for our survival and the biggest mountain of our Planetsthe Mount Everest
Our meridian is thus a tribute to the wonder of nature and the magic that you can experience naturally inherent. Anyway whether it is Fire of the indigenous people who have come to Tierra del Fuego (earth of fire) and thus drove away the Spanish conquerors, the life-giving Amazon or the old rituals around the Mount Everest

You have brought your crew safely through the storm, but there is still a long journey ahead of you. You stand confident of victory at the bow of your ship, confident that nothing will now prevent you from reaching your destination. You look at your Arm and lets your eyes fall on the metal object on your Arm "I knew that with you my fate would always be balanced.