Corazón del Mar - Meridian Chronograph

Something extraordinary is coming your way!

A post-apocalyptic short story by bestselling author Phillip P. Peterson, spoken by professional speaker Heiko Grauel, well known through the media, visually enhanced with impressive illustrations and a watch that is completely different from all the other watches we have presented so far: The Corazón del Mar MERIDIAN Chronograph.

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The key facts about the new watch

Here are the most important facts about the Meridian Chronograph in brief: 


  • A high-quality chronograph with tachymeter scale, compass and pulsometer
  • A post-apocalyptic short story about the watch in cooperation with the bestselling author Phillip P. Peterson, with high-quality illustrations, spoken by Heiko Grauel
  • The first 50 pre-orderers will receive a complete package, consisting among other things of a limited edition of our chronograph, as well as the story as a high-quality hardcover including signature.

We will keep you up to date on various channels like YouTube, Instagram and also on this page. So be part of it!

You can find out more in the video.

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The Audiobook for the watch

Probably the first short story that was written for a watch! Thanks to Phillip P. Peterson for the great story. Sit back, listen to it and enjoy the sonorous voice of HEIKO GRAUEL and in between the great illustrations of Hendrik Noack (Click here for Hendrik's website

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What happened so far...

Einige Ideen brauchen etwas Zeit, um ihre volle Größe zu erreichen. Zunächst begann alles mit der ÜThe idea of writing a little story for each collection. All should be written in the same style and interwoven with each other. Nevertheless, they should underline the individual character of the watch. We were on fire. So why shouldn't we go one step further? Why only write a few lines per collection? Why not plan something completely new? Why not design a completely new watch and this time not just fill a few lines, but a whole short story of 30-60 pages?
We wanted to create something big and the idea was born. We didn't wait long, but put together a team of the most diverse talents in the creative industry. And no matter who we told about the idea, everyone was thrilled!
First we started with a bestselling author: Phillip P. Peterson! We waited several months until we were finally allowed to read the story in its first rough version on November 4th.
At the same time, we started to design the new watch. We wanted it to be something special, but zudem also have their justification in a post-apocalyptic world. So what do you need for such a watch? Primarily a compass should be used, of course, and a tachymeter scale was also directly integrated. Even a pulsometer finds its place on the new meridian. Why this will be of great importance remains a mystery. You will soon find out.
Now also our draughtsman could finally start Illustrate of the story begin. Here you can see them already.
Nach einer spannenden Kurzgeschichte und ausdrucksstarken Illustrationen sollte nun auch eine Audioversion präsentiert werden können. Auch hier haben wir uns entschieden, einen professionellen Sprecher mit ins Team zu holen. Und dieser ist kein Geringerer als Heiko Grauel, Sprecher einiger Hörbücher auf Audible, sowie bei ZDF, Aldi, der Deutschen Bahn und vielen more...
Be part of it and accompany us on this exciting new path!
Phillip p. peterson
bestselling author
Some of you know him probably already: Phillip P. Peterson, who studied aerospace engineering and Author numerous bestseller-Science fiction-Novels. Now we are proud on it, him to introduce you as the author of our short story.
 During his work at Germans Aerospace Centre he published his first both Novels: Transport And Paradox.
The success of these two novels was not an isolated incident. Besides the two series of novels... published him three more individual novels and a non-fiction book, so that he has published a total of no less than 13 books, some of which have already been sold internationally.
In 2016 he also received the Kindle Storyteller Award for his novel series Paradoxhas been awarded to the Kurd-LaßwitzPrice nominated and secured the 3rd place in the German Science fiction-Price.

The new dials

Who wouldn't get lost in this sight? 

After weeks of work we are finally able to present you a sample of our new dials. We work here with special lacquers to immortalize these breathtaking effects! 

We are currently optimising the manufacturing process to give our dials the final touch. 

So stay tuned, there will be more news in the next days!