Corazón del Mar - Chelydra

Learn more about the discovery of the Chelydra!

Today the wind whips especially strong around the rocky coast. For days, you've been returning to this place over and over again Hope, finally to have reached the end of the search...
The new Corazón Del Mar Chelydra (lat. snapping turtle) is just as tough, as strong as this impressive animal with its indestructible shell.
The Chelydra has the Tough Shield Housingthat in a special, several days continuous, thermal Process of approx. 200 AGM is hardened to 1500 HV. HV stands for Hardness Vickers, a unit of measure used to measure the hardness of materials. This makes the watch about 7x harder than the normal steel case! The cases are made by a German, highly specialized Specialist company, extra for us, this procedures. The result is on the one hand costly, but just impressive. On normal Ways there are no scratches more into the housing. The daily Carrying, also at Outdoor use, probably so there's nothing standing in the way.
Our Chelydra is above all one thing: clear and straightforward. Without much unnecessary Schnick Schnak it is the ideal companion for the big and small adventures of our life. A watch that can accompany you everywhere, whether for hiking in the wilderness or in the evening in the restaurant, the Chelydra is suitable for every occasion!
Behind you, you suddenly notice a sound. You turn around and see an armoured creature disappearing behind the rocks in the corner of your eye. You are approaching the site...

You'll find a small cavity. You mean something Glossy between the coal. Is there something theres, was you think? Did your search at long last an end?

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