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Many of you have followed the story of our brand through various mediums, such as YouTube. This Possibility to also to share the creation process of the watches with others. has always excited us. We didn't want a faceless Brand which makes all decisions behind high walls, but rather so near as possible and act as transparently as possible.
Over the years, however, not only we have talked about our brand, but also found some other supporters who contribute their part to our story. We would like to present these reviews to you here.

Hands On

Reviews on YouTube

The Meridian
YouTuber flomp89

With the Meridian, we have created a timeless classic dedicated to the incredible beauty of our planet. It is an exceptional timepiece that takes the already familiar, exciting dial design of the Melanocetus and combines it with classic elements. The result is a modern yet timeless watch that can also be worn perfectly with a suit. 
Flo erklärt euch auf seinem Kanal Flop89 seine Meinung zu der Meridian “Tierra del Fuego”. 

The Melanocetus GMT
YouTuber WatchMaxe

With the Melanocetus GMT we continue the successful Melanocetus series, now with the additional complication of a second time zone. The design has been discreetly complemented, so that the unmistakable appearance of the Melanocetus is retained and you still clearly get a typical watch with GMT function.

Hier haben wir euch einmal ein Video vom Axel alias WatchMaxe für euch. Er hat sich die GMT in der Ausführung “Maui Red” näher angesehen. 

The Melanocetus GMT
YouTuber flomp89

Again we have a review from our dear Flo for you. He also took a closer look at the GMT and one thing we can tell you already: Flo has already become a big fan of this watch. 

The Melanocetus II
YouTuber Feather House

The evolution of the Corazón del Mar MELANOCETUS: The MELANOCETUS II. A beautiful watch that continues the Melanocetus series.

Read more about the watch in the review by Alexander aka Federhaus. 

The Melanocetus II
YouTuber MisterB

The reflections and refractions of light on the high-gloss ceramic bezel play their own optical symphony while the second hand glides across the deep black dial and is reflected as if on the surface of a smooth, calm lake at night. And so each little cog, fully aware of its task, contributes to the play of time and allows each observer to lose himself in its beauty. We could really rave about this beautiful clock for hours. Who also fell in love with this clock? Konstantin from the channel Mister B. Please have a look at his review.

The Melanocetus
YouTuber Denis Hauser

The Corazón del Mar – Melanocetus Red is an exciting watch. The Red Hour indices glow orange at night, the pointers are blue. 
Want to learn more about the watch? Have a look at the video of Denis.

The Melanocetus
YouTuber MisterB

With the Melanocetus Vintage Rosé, we are launching a very special version limited to 250 pieces. The dial of the Vintage, with its grey logo and Melanocetus lettering, in a case completely refined in rosé, is a feast for the eyes of lovers of sporty, elegant watches. The high-gloss ceramic applications round off the overall look in a noble way. Watch Konstantin's video if you want to learn more.

Under discussion

in the classical media

Interview with our managing director

Are luxury watches worthwhile as an investment?

This question was discussed by our Managing Director Markus Finger with a dpa journalist in December 2019. It's an exciting question that every watch enthusiast asks himself at least once in his life. However, the most important thing always remains one: Anyone who invests his money in watches should also burn for it. If you want to know more, please read the article. It was published in several German newspapers, such as the south german or the Time, published. Just click on the picture on the right and you will get to the article. 

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